Personal Information

Profesional Profile

One could describe me as one of those stereotypical information technology professionals that friends and family members shamelessly call a nerd. As a longtime power user, I have always been fascinated by the powerfulness of modern computer systems and the possibilities they facilitate to humans. However, as with many love stories, it took me a while to fully enter the IT business and another spell to get where and what I am now.
Finally arrived, I have been and still am addicted to open source, privacy & security and the programmatic abstraction of the world. A lot of my endeavour has since been put into releasing software for the industry I work in. I would say that my primary strengths lie in the desire for accuracy, an above-average comprehension and a good knowledge and high interest in a wide spectrum of branches.

Technical Skills



Expert, 8 years

Starting with coding, moving on to scripting and finally landing at programming, I have several years of experience writing high-quality and well-documented code.

Go 60%
Haxe 70%
Java 80%
JavaScript 40%
PHP 95%
Python 50%

Software Engineering

Advanced, 4 years

Designing extendable, maintainable, pluggable and scalable software is one of the most interesting aspects of SE. Mastering the right tools helps the software becoming reality.

Architecture / Patterns 85%
Database Design 50%
Management / Worflow 70%

System Administration

Advanced, 5 years

Every single year of experience in system administration learned me to take advantage of the underlying system's capabilities to get the most out of software.

Container (Docker / OpenVZ) 90%
Hardening / Security 85%
Hosting (DB / DNS / Email / Web) 85%
Linux 75%
Performance Tuning 65%

Work Experience

March 2016 - Present


Innovation Process Technology AG  |  Full-Time

2006 - 2016

Software Developer / System Administrator

Freelancer  |  Self-Employed

Honestly, I cannot remember to which year my first freelance experience goes back. Starting with web design for online communities, moving on to HTML/CSS/JS web publishing and later on completing my offers with web development, I ended up running a small hosting business and developing entire websites and applications. The symbiosis between the underlying system and hosted application regarding performance and security made me understand Linux in-deep and become a better programmer as well. Nowadays, the system <-> software link is still a leading gear in my IT efforts.

  • Programming
  • Project Management
  • Requirements Engineering
  • System Administration
  • Web Technologies

September 2011 - May 2012

Web Publisher

fresh interactive AG  |  Full-Time

Given I had no educational or real work experience in IT, it felt like a dream to get the chance to work as a web publisher. Long since I have been fascinated by the freedom and dynamic of the web platform. Even though it initially was an internship, it then quickly evolved to a full-fledged employment. Not only my boss recognized my talent, so did I; and this made me quite proud. With an increasing amount of completed projects however, the inner voice shouting for larger and more challenging work became louder. This was the time I knew that I wanted to dig even deeper into IT. It became the time I enrolled for university.

  • CMS Adapation (webEdition)
  • PHP Programming
  • Web Technologies

June 2010 - July 2011

Commercial Internship

ExecuJet Europe AG  |  Full-Time  |  Part of the studies at Aarau School of Economics

Driven by the passion for precision and correctness, I completed another year in the accounting department. Albeit this time the work was more ambitious and the team was beyond words, I started to debate whether I really want to strengthen my knowledge in accounting or move on to the next challenge – mastering information technology, another long since passion. Although I opted for the later, the accounting accuracy is still a part of me.

  • Accounting (FBO)
  • Dunning Process
  • Financial Evaluation & Analysis

March - April 2009

Commercial Internship

Printcolor Screen AG  |  Full-Time  |  Part of the studies at Aarau School of Economics

My initial work experience was part of the practical oriented studies at Aarau School of Economics. During the two-month commercial internship I was introduced to the concrete work of an accountant – which was my dream job at that time. Besides, I had the chance to look into the application technology laboratory. All-in-all, it was a great experience.

  • Accounting
  • Application Technology Laboratory
  • Marketing & Sales


2012 - 2016

University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (B.Sc. IT)

2007 - 2011

Aarau School of Economics

Swiss federal vocational commercial baccalaureate